Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I was hoping he would be in TF2 some how. Gotta keep wishing for that one I guess. Still wanted to a tribute piece. I had this idea that Unicron was sitting on a throne carved out a huge planet. His hands rest on small moons. I figure he would create his own gravity so there would be a asteroid belt around him made out of debris of planets he consumed.

I might redo this one at this point. The more I flesh this out the more I see flaws in my perspective. That's what I get for being sloppy at the beginning. Like building a house with uneven foundation.

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  1. I know this was made like years ago but just recently I got my hands on studio cell unicron which is basically a third party unicron figure that is in my opinion the most cartoon accurate unicron figure out there. And I weathered him all up. So after doing some digging around I stumbled across this awesome photo of unicron sitting on a throne room. And as soon as I saw this I was thinking to myself I gotta make a diorama of a throne room like this and try to make it look as realistic as possible. I got a few ideas. Getting some led lights would be the start to this epic build if I can pull it off. Gonna have to do some digging around with what materials I can use. Could probably use clear epoxy to give the moons magma effect and have some color changing led lights inside. Maybe I could use plexiglass and create an optical illusion to give the effect of all the debris floating. These are all the ideas I got floating around my head since I got the figure. Gotta say this photo of unicron looks awesome I am like so tempted to build my own diorama of a throne room for this figure. By the way the figure is 19 inches tall so I would imagine it’s gonna be huge. How crazy would it be if I could make this diorama adjustable to a variety of configurations? so imagine if I can also have him in planet mode and give the appearance that unicron is eating a planet. Would be nuts if could pull that off. I’m definitely cooking up a lot of ideas on a build. Once again this photo of unicron sitting on a throne room is awesome. Really like how all the details pop out in his robot mode especially all the panel lines and glow from both the abdomen and the eyes. Also the use of color as well. Looks awesome.